Aluvision is the very best ​modular exhibition stand system on the market today, with its' almost seamless expanses of fabric graphics and top quality 'award winning' look 

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what are the benefits of the Aluvision modular exhibition stand system ?

Aluvision's Modular Capabilities - Aluvision products have been designed to be totally modular. They all work together and they are all easily reconfigured to fit whatever exhibition stand floor space you have. Frame heights can be made bespoke to fit your needs but standard base frames are either 2480mm or 2976mm tall and upper level frames are usually either 992mm or 1488mm tall. This combination allows us to design and build stands right up to the maximum ​permitted build heights at all UK, European and Worldwide exhibition venues.

Modular Exhibition Stands Ltd has invested in their very own unique frames and can offer their 'perfect corners' which, when used with ​aluminium graphics, give a 90 degree corner with no vertical supporting framework visible at all. We also have a range of curved frames to create ceiling returns and to soften the overall look.

Aluvision's Stylish Looks ​​- Aluvision is truly the very best exhibition system on the market today and has been for the last 15 years or more. Although we're more than happy to quote purchase of any designs we present, the system is expensive so you are best placed hiring the system from us for each event, unless you really wish to make your own substantial investment in Aluvision of course.

Frames bolt together via internal thumb bolts, so you will never see any mechanical frame fixings, Wiring can be fed within the frame's 55m ​thickness, again ensuring you won't see any ​unsightly trailing cables. Visually, Aluvision offers an almost custom build look and feel, whilst retaining all of the benefits of a modular exhibtiion stand system. With just 1.5mm of ​Aluvision frame visible around the perimeter of each graphic, Aluvision lets your brand, products or messaging tell the story with almost no framework.

Aluvision's Graphic Finish Options - Unlike the majority of modular exhibition stand systems, Aluvision can be dressed in a variety of graphic materials. Our standard graphic is a digitally printed 3mm PVC sheet material, however, this can be upgraded to a 3mm thick aluminium sheet material with a printed front graphic. This aluminium style of graphic can be rolled or bent ​around our unique 'perfect corner' 90 degree frames and our curved header frames. Additionally, when client's wish to span multiple frames to give an un interrupted graphic expanse, we can produce huge non backlit fabric graphics to maximise graphic impact.

'Bolt On' Extras ​- Modular Exhibition Stands Ltd has a unique range of optional extras which include, large backlit fabric graphic units for where added visual impact is required, a range of TV screen sizes, bespoke gloss white laminate or RAL sprayed lockable counters, power floodlights, 'spaced off' graphics to give a 3D effect to logos or key messages which can also be light from behind to give a halo effect and colour changing LED strip highlight lighting for counters or sub floor edges.  

You can also hire our unique, super large backlit graphic units... when these are added to flat walling areas they give super bright, ​uninterrupted backlit graphic areas - our most popular units sizes are ​4m or 13ft tall by 2.3m or 7.5 ft wide and 3.4m and 11 ft tall by 2.9m or 9.5 ft wide. We also have a range of gloss white laminate lockable counters - all items are subject to availability.

Aluvision exhibition stand introductory videos

​Here's a couple of videos to help showcase some Aluvision stand designs and features that hopefully show the system's flexibility and creativity - click the above exhibition stand brief button to start the process of receiving your free Aluvision stand design and quotation - don't forget your can either hire or purchase Aluvision Modular from us.
Aluvision Modular System Features

short video showing eye catching Aluvision Hi-LED 55 screens, for exhibitors with large budgets

Aluvision Stand Design

fly through Aluvision stand design presentation

Can we purchase or just hire Aluvision ​exhibition stands from you ?

The simple answer is both !

Aluvision is a European based manufacturer - we've been a UK Aluvision distributors for around 15 years. In this time we've helped countless exhibitors decide whether Aluvision Modular is the best system for their specific needs and if it's best to purchase or to hire their specific design based on their yearly exhibition program.


Most customers tend do to hire from us as we've already made a large investment in Aluvision frames and 'bolt ons'. Most decide that paying a rental charge, which is design specific, is the most cost effective solution to maximise their exhibiting budget.

If you are tired of renting and want to invest in your very own modular exhibition stand kit, then Aluvision Modular offers possibly the very best value for money for a premium quality exhibition system, when the cost is spread of two or more exhibiting years (depending on how many events you use your kit at).

If you do purchase an Aluvision kit that's not the end of our relationship, we're more than happy to store your hardware and graphics, transport your stand for you and indeed install wherever you need us to in the world - we're all about long standing relationships !

We offer full international stand shipping services and have installed all over the world. Our exhibition experience stretches back over 30 years and we've installed exhibitions across the UK, the majority of Europe plus in Turkey, India and China. 

We've been a valuable and long-standing exhibition resource to many national and international brands, who trust us with their events program and attendances at many leading pharmaceutical, laboratory equipment, financial and retail industry trade shows around the world.

Staten Island

We're here to help, if you have a specific question drop us a line, we're more than happy to help wherever we can ...

so you've got some Aluvision questions ?

what optional extras can you offer on hired Aluvision stands ?

For those looking to add additional impact at their key events we can offer ​suspended branded structures above your floorspace and exhibition stand itself. These structures can be open ​circles, open square shaped, open triangular and even cubed, where event the base face is branded to catch your stand visitors eye.

Light up your messaging or products by utilising our super large, super bright backlit fabric graphic units some sizes we offer include 4m or 13ft tall by 2.3m or 7.5 ft wide and 3.4m and 11 ft tall by 2.9m or 9.5 ft wide. Bolt these onto your perimeter walling and bring your product launch or services that extra impact.

It goes without saying Aluvision is the perfect vehicle for large TV screens but if your budget is on the furthest end of generous, then we can highly recommend Aluvision's integrated LED video tiles. This super cleaver product development allows for video tiles to be located in either the front, rear or both sides of Aluvision frames. The system is suited to both straight and curved frames AND also can be ​​integrated into 100mm high platform floors to add an extra dimension to your exhibition floorspace or turn your stand walling into an interactive auto playing advertising messaging surface - click the button to watch our short video on the Aluvision LED video tiles.

what sort of budget would we need to be able to hire an Aluvision stand from you ?

his is probably the hardest question of all to answer... not because we're being evasive but because each design is bespoke and costs are based on multiple factors... the Linx Modular profiles it uses, the amount of graphics and the type of graphic production method being implemented, the venue location and the amount of time the event has permitted to the physical installation and dismantle schedule. As a rule of thumb, if you have booked a 30 square meter exhibition floor space we should be able to offer a hire stand with entry level graphic production and a UK ​installation service from £10 to £18k and upwards.

Please don't let this 'guestimate' figure put you off, should we already be installing at the event you're attending this can help to reduce costs, so please do complete our exhibition stand brief form at the top of this page to receive your FREE Aluvision Modular exhibition stand design and quotation... you just might be surprised !

what advantages does Aluvision have over Linx Modular ?

From our 30 yrs plus exhibition industry experience, we recognise that both Aluvision and Linx Modular exhibition systems the best on the market. Aluvision is based in Belgium so not ​readily accessible and Linx Modular themselves, only supply trade customers like ourselves, so you need to come to a system ​specialist like ourselves.

Aluvision is a 'frame system' and Linx Modular is an '​aluminium component building system'... but what does that mean? Aluvision ​offers frames which are super strong and ready formed modular exhibition stand frames, engineered to the highest standards and are truly durable, sustainable and reconfigurable.

Frames bolt together using mechanical fixings which are ​hidden from view as they fix from within each frames thickness making for a clean and almost seamless exhibition building system. Aluvision frames can be used in either the portrait or landscape format to create eye catching ​exhibition displays.

Aluvision's strength of build enables fly out ceilings and tower structure to be created with ease. Frames are lightweight so we can freight exhibition stands all over the world, using our own international shipping crates - this means we can offer exhibitors a consistent event look and ​presence at any worldwide exhibition venue so there's no need to source ​exhibition contractors in country. The more you use our Aluvision hire service, the more your exhibition stand visitors will associate your brand with high quality and an engaging environment from which to represent your products and services.

Aluvision stands make the most of the build height regulations at the majority of worldwide exhibition venues. Aluvision builds to just a few ​centimetres under the permitted 4m build height. This additional height means your brand is visible from further away within the busy exhibition ​environment of the hall you're exhibiting in.

Aluvision is the perfect exhibition system to display huge seamless graphic expanses as our printed fabric graphics can ​envelop multiple frames which visually ​eliminates the already minimal Aluvision frames edges (just 1.5mm of frame visible around each frames edge).

some of our lovely exhibition, graphic and print clients ...

British Telecom Group
The Binding Site
NHS England
The Musicians' Union
FlamePro & ProGarm
Rugby Football Union
Nova Biomedical
IMMJ Systems
Relias Learning

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