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Our 40mm high exhibition platform sub floors serve as more than just a sturdy foundation; they're a strategic tool to enhance your stand's appeal and  very functionality

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why should I consider installing an exhibition sub floor? 

One of the standout features of our exhibition platform floors is their ability to seamlessly integrate electrical sockets throughout your floorspace. By concealing electrical wiring underneath the platform, we ensure a clutter-free and polished presentation. Say goodbye to unsightly wires disrupting your booth's aesthetics or limiting your product locations up against walls, with our exhibtiion platform floor service, your focus remains solely on your showcased products or services.

Qik-Link Exhibition Flooring & Traditional Sheet Platform floors
We have invested in extensive stocks of the amazing Qik-Link exhibition platform flooring system. Qin-Link installs quickly minimising install time with the added bonus of having all of the cable trunking on the top of the system rather than underneath. This means electrical and date cables can be directed where needed after the raw floor have ben installed, no more guessing and no more damaged cables hidden underneath the sub floor.

We also offer traditional flat sheet platform floors as well when our Qik-Link stocks are out on hire. Traditional flat sheet exhibition sub floors are still a totally acceptable solution and add the required height to enable cabling and data cables to be managed easily. Both methods of exhibition flooring are finished with the floor covering of your choice and with Ali edging where required.

Flexible, fully-managed flooring service across the UK
Customisation is at the heart of our service. We tailor the installation of the flooring to your specific floorspace, ensuring a perfect fit and ​maximising the potential of your exhibition area. During installation, we strategically manage socket locations according to your needs, ​optimising accessibility and convenience.

But we don't stop there. To complete the look and feel of your exhibition space, we offer a variety of floor coverings, including exhibition carpet, floor vinyl, or laminate options. Whatever your aesthetic preferences or branding requirements, we have the perfect flooring solution to complement your display.

Exhibition floor upgrades
To add a distinctive touch to your booth, consider our optional extras. Printed carpets provide a unique opportunity to ​maximise branding and messaging space, transforming your floor into a dynamic storytelling canvas. Wheelchair ramps ensure inclusivity and accessibility, catering to all attendees without compromising on design. And for an extra dash of sophistication, LED floor edge lighting kits create a captivating visual effect, further enhancing the overall ambiance of your exhibition stand.

To sum up
Our 40mm high exhibition platform floors are more than just a foundation—they're a strategic investment in elevating your exhibition presence. With seamless integration of electrical sockets, ​customisable installation, versatile floor coverings, and optional enhancements, we empower you to make a lasting impression on your audience. Experience the difference of our platform floors and unlock the full potential of your exhibition space today.

the core of our exhibition sub floor hire with install service
​At the core of our service is our commitment to providing a seamless installation process. We handle every aspect, from initial setup to the finishing touches, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our clients. With our expertise and attention to detail, you can rest assured that your sub floor installation will be executed flawlessly. One of the key advantages of our exhibition sub floors is their ability to accommodate electrical sockets with ease.  


Our team meticulously manages the placement of sockets, strategically positioning them to ​optimise accessibility and convenience for your display stand. Say goodbye to the headache of managing electrical wiring— our sub floors provide a tidy and efficient solution to meet your power needs.

But the benefits don't stop there. We understand that every exhibitor has unique preferences and requirements when it comes to their trade show stands. That's why we offer a range of floor coverings to suit your individual style. Whether you prefer exhibition carpet, sleek floor vinyl, or sophisticated laminate options, we have the perfect finish to complement your display.

By entrusting us with your sub floor installation, you can focus your energy on perfecting your booth design and preparing your products or services for showcase. With the groundwork laid and the finishing touches applied, your display stand will be ready to make a lasting impression on attendees.

In summary, our 40mm high exhibition sub floors offer exhibitors a comprehensive solution for enhancing their trade show stands. With our full installation service, meticulous management of electrical socket locations, and ​customisable floor coverings, we ensure that your exhibition experience is seamless and stress-free. Elevate your display stand to new heights with our sub floors and stand out from the crowd at your next trade show.

Staten Island

exhibition sub floor coverings and optional extras

standard sub floor with carpet and ali edging

we offer budget & high quality carpets, wood-effect floor

floor vinyls and gloss laminates as standard

floor edge lighting kits

catching LED floor edge lighting kits to your open access

floor edges, we supply ours with a remote to change colours

carpet 'cut ins'

emphasis floor areas with more than one carpet

we can cut in different colours into your main floor area

upgrade to printed carpets

we offer two grades of printed floor carpet, Short Pile

Rubber Backed (3m wide) & Soft Velvet Longer Pile (2m wide)

below is a sample of our basic exhibition carpet colours

We can also supply high quality velour carpets, wood plank effect floor vinyls, gloss laminate finishes and even printed carpets.

Here is a sample of our colours available within our standard, foam backed exhibition carpet range. Rolls are 3m wide so may need to be joined to suit floor sizes.
We offer various budgets and a wide range of floor vinyls and laminates - we even offer digitally printed carpet to maximise your floor space and give your stand visitors an eye catching feature. We also supply on hire, traditional flat sheet platform flooring for exhibtiion stand needs, this may be indicated on your quotation where stocks of our Qik-Link modular exhibition flooring is all out on hire ​elsewhere - this give no visual difference whatsoever. 

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Rugby Football Union
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