Custom Build Exhibition Stands

Custom build exhibition stands allow full creativity and visually impactful ​exhibition stand design for those with larger budgets

We undertake custom build stands in the UK, Europe and are a specialist custom build stand contractor for projects in Dubai and the wider Middle East 

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what benefits come from briefing custom build exhibition stands ?

Uniqueness - Custom built exhibition stands accurately reflect a brand's identity through tailored designs that align with brand colours, logos, and aesthetics, helping brands stand out and leave a lasting impression on visitors.

Design Flexibility - Customised stands provide full control over layout, allowing brands to incorporate specific features, interactive elements, multimedia displays, and product showcases to create an engaging environment that captivates attendees.

Tailored to Objectives - Custom stands can be designed to address specific exhibition goals, such as lead generation, product launches, or brand awareness, by creating spaces like private meeting areas, product demo spaces, or interactive zones.

Long-term Investment - While custom build stands may have higher upfront costs, they prove to be a cost-effective long-term investment as certain ​elements of their design can be reusable and adaptable for future events, saving costs in the long run.

Enhanced Brand Perception - ​Well designed custom stands convey professionalism, creativity, and attention to detail, enhancing the brand's perception and credibility in the eyes of visitors.

Improved Visitor Experience - custom exhibition displays create memorable experiences for visitors, attracting more foot traffic and encouraging meaningful interactions, ultimately boosting brand presence and lead generation.

By opting for custom exhibition stands, brands can showcase their unique identity, engage attendees, and create a memorable experience that sets them apart from competitors.

What are custom build exhibition stands? Custom build stands are bespoke exhibition structures, designed specifically to achieve a corporate brands objectives. Unlike modular exhibtiion stands, custom build exhibition stands are only limited by budget and space and do not need to use a standard sized materials or building units.

Custom build stands should be visually engaging, set them apart from their competitors and provide a memorable experience for their stand visitors. Floor spaces tend to be larger as do their stand budget, however please don't think smaller spaces are out of the league of custom design solutions. Floor spaces from 8m by 4m upwards can provide engaging stand designs which work just as well for the exhibiting company.

Materials tend to be upgraded, these can include bespoke metalwork, laminate walls, textured finishes and more in the way of audio visual and cutting edge technology to increase delegate engagement.

Custom build stand make the most of the space above their stand space, utilising suspended branded structures as well as printed carpets or branded flooring options. Large LED video walls and interactive information points all make custom build stand the perfect environment for professionally presenting your brand, product range or core services.

Custom build stands are different - They allow us to create bespoke designs, totally created to suit your needs. If you need to capture your exhibition delegate's ​imagination or create clean, professional looking corporate selling or brand awareness spaces... we can help.

Custom build stands where you need them ​- With over 30 years worldwide ​exhibition industry experience, we can offer high quality custom stands in the UK, across Europe our speciality in Dubai or the wider Middle East. Deal with our UK project management team from design brief right through to handover onsite, to ensure every aspect that has been planned and discussed is actioned.

Not just for bigger spaces - Custom build exhibition stands are not just for the market leaders. If you're exhibition floorspace is 8m by 4m or larger, we can probably design a stylish custom build exhibtiion stand to suit your needs - simply complete our exhibition stand briefing form to receive your FREE stand design and project quote

we offer custom build exhibition stand design & installations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Bahrain & the wider Middle East

You will deal directly with us in the UK and our English speaking in-country partners onsite. This is the ideal custom build service for those looking to deal with a profession UK based exhibition contractor and English speaking in-country teams onsite at handover - we'll even be at your stand handover to maintain consistence if required.

Our in-country partner offers full custom build manufacture facilities, professional english speaking onsite project management, a dedicated installation team, as well as graphic production, as well as platform floors, furniture and AV services on hire. 

Naturally, they deal with all the tricky in-country Local and National Governmental regulations and the language barriers, to ensure your event is fully compliant and hassle free. We have worked on both exhibition venue projects and outdoor events - please see our custom build images in on our gallery page.

To receive your FREE design & quote complete our briefing form 

custom build exhibition stand build-up time lapse - Abu Dhabi, ​UAE

Custom Build Exhibition Stand Time Lapse Video

short time lapse video of a custom build design in Abu Dhabi

CAD Exhibition Stand Design Service

CAD design, full stand visualisation, fly through animations, structure specs all part of the service

We're here to help, if you have a specific question drop us a line, we're more than happy to help wherever we can ...

what are the top three questions, exhibitors ask us regarding Custom Build exhibition stands ?

what's your industry experience ?

Enquire about the duration of experience within the exhibition industry - our experience began in 1994 within the custom build exhibition sector. Although we've moved towards modular exhibition stands, our core experience is custom build.

what are the extent of your services ?

Always ensure one contractor can supply all of the aspects you're looking for - we can not only design, construction, install and store customers bespoke stand elements, we can also create the artwork and produce your exhibtiion stand graphics, we can provide professional event staff, we can organise stand hospitality, audio visual and furniture requirements, printed collateral and event specific mini websites.

what sort of timescales are needed ?

Without doubt, custom build exhibition stands take much longer to not only present designs and costs, but also produce approved stand designs. Customers should allow a minimum of between 10 to 12 weeks prior to installation dates as a rule of thumb, however, this is totally dependant on our workloads, install location and our installation schedule.

Should we already be installing at the event you're attending this can help to reduce costs so please do complete our exhibition stand brief form at the top of this page to receive your FREE Custom Build exhibition stand design and quotation... you just might be surprised !

some of our lovely exhibition, graphic and print clients ...

British Telecom Group
The Binding Site
NHS England
The Musicians' Union
FlamePro & ProGarm
Rugby Football Union
Nova Biomedical
IMMJ Systems
Relias Learning

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